Bible Expedition was created with the goal of producing high quality, biblically centered VBS programs that share the complete Gospel message. We desire to be a blessing to other churches by allowing them to download and use Bible Expedition VBS materials Free of Charge. Our satisfaction will come from knowing children are hearing and receiving the Gospel Message as a result of our efforts.

Journey to Nineveh

A 3 Day VBS Program through the book of Jonah

  • A three-day VBS program that teaches children verse by verse through the book of Jonah
  • Kids will see video cartoon skits (new starting 2019) that teach the story of Jonah from different perspectives. Cartoon Skit characters include the sailors, the King of Nineveh and the Big Fish
  • Each day is centered on different chapters from the book of Jonah. By the end of the program, children will have read through the entire book of Jonah
  • Preschool lessons included

Journey to Philippi

A 3 Day VBS Program through the book of Philippians

  • A 3 Day VBS program with lessons from the book of Philippians. The setting is the city of Philippi around AD 60
  • Kids will see fictional skits with Biblical characters including Timothy, Epaphroditus, Lydia, Euodia, and Syntyche who will share their story of how God is working in their lives
  • Each day is centered on a specific theme discussed in the book of Philippians. Themes include: “Serving God and others”, “Unity in Christ” and “Freedom through Faith in Christ”
  • Preschool lessons included